Emotional Intelligence

EQ Every Day

If you are new to the field of emotional intelligence (EI), this course is just the ticket. Explore the basics of EI, how it affects every aspect of your life, and learn strategies for becoming more emotionally effective. You’ll love this course’s straightforward approach to EI, and it serves as a great starting point to then go on and take other courses.

The Leader's Guide to EI

Based on book of the same name, The Leaders Guide to Emotional Intelligence lets you explore, understand, and develop your emotional intelligence. In depth exploration of the topic plus highly engaging reflective activities will have you on a fast path to increasing your emotional effectiveness from the very first session.

EQ Applied

For leader’s who already have a strong understanding of emotional intelligence, and awareness of the EQ-i Model, the EQ Applied course takes a leader specific view of EI and connects it to key areas of leadership potential, including derailing behaviours. We also explore the role that EI plays in everyday common leadership opportunities and challenges.

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