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People often ask me what they need to do to develop their emotional intelligence. It’s a tough question to answer – specific …

The word team has been defined by Cohen and Bailey as “Groups of two or more people who interact and influence each …

Many organizations are realizing that emotionally intelligent leaders make a big difference to the success of the teams they lead, and ultimately …

One of the most enjoyable parts of my work is getting to work with leaders who have moved into their first leadership …

As a society, have we decided that work is a bad thing? Phrases like ‘working for the man’, and ‘Thank God It’s …

By March the gyms and fitness centres that were packed to the walls in early January begin to thin out. Resolutions made …

The gap between knowing and doing is holding many leaders back. Millions of dollars are invested every year in leadership development, but …

In general, leaders have no problem learning the tools related to common management leadership topics. A process for resolving conflict? No problem. …

Emotional Intelligence – What it is and Why it Matters

Detailed report diving into the details of emotional intelligence and the role it plays

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – The Keys to Driving ROI and Organizational Intelligence

A study by multi-health system that examines the link between leadership development programs that include emotional intelligence and bottom line return on investment

How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill

A great article that talks about the increase in understanding of the role emotional intelligence has in effective leadership

EQ-I 2.0 Model of Emotional Intelligence

One page document that shows the EQ-i 2.0 Model of Emotional Intelligence along with the sub scale descriptions

Can You Really Improve Your Emotional Intelligence?

A look at how you can develop emotional intelligence through coaching

Executive Group Case Study – Emotional Intelligence and Risk Taking

Two page report that looks at risk taking through the lens of the Risk Type Compass tool and the EQ-i Team Report

This Is How Risk Taking Changes As You Get Older

An interesting look (and a quick read) at how our assumptions on our risk approach as we age may be inaccurate

Managing Risk – The Human Factor

A detailed look at the Risk Type Compass Tool and at risk in general

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